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and to zimmerman's claim of self-defense. let's bring in our panel to assess what happened today. martin savidge is covering the trial for us. he's in sanford florida, together with cnn legal analyst together with former federal prosecutor sunny hostin and martin is joining us from miami. martin, this is all very dramatic and at least the sense was that the defense managed to counter some of the impressions left the other day when trayvon martin's mother and brother testified. they insisted that that voice screaming on that 911 call was the voice of trayvon martin. >> well, again, this was another really remarkable moment, wolf, inside of that courtroom. think about it. you have tracy martin, the father, who is called to the witness stand and questioned by the attorney who is defending the man who killed tracy martin's son. that's of course trayvon martin. so that unto itself sets up the drama. but then you have the issue of a father that is now, as you just pointed out, there were two detectives that took the stand and said unequivocally that they heard tracy martin when they asked him whose vo
shot and killed martin. martin savidge wraps up the emotional testimony. >> an amazing day to be either in the courtroom or either watching on television. it had always been anticipated that the prosecution would put trayvon martin's mother on the stand but i don't think anyone ever anticipated you would have her and george zimmerman's mother testify in the very same day. >> reporter: just who will the jury believe? grieving mother who lost her youngest son or the mother who stands to see her son possibly spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> what is your -- >> there's gunshots. >> you just heard gunshots? >> yes. >> reporter: sybrina fulton trayvon martin's mother stoically listened to the screams and gunshot the night her son died. then was asked what has become a key question? >> that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> reporter: hours later gladys zimmerman george's mom listened to the same 911 call and was asked the same question. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the bac
. martin savidge sat down with george zimmerman's attorney, mark o'mara, for a one-on-one inter. >> . >> do you think george zimmerman, your client, if he is acquitted, what kind of life will he have? >> not a good one. i think he has to live mostly in hiding. he has to protect himself from that periphery that still believe he's a racist murderer or acted in a bad way, and that you don't know who they are. you don't know if they're down the street or if you don't know if they're across the country. i think that he's probably concerned about living still in central florida and never having a normal life. >> his life will never be the same. >> never, ever. >> never like be able to go to work or have a regular job? >> i don't know how he gets a job where he is out in public without having the fear of somebody finding out where he works. >> to be clear, we asked the state of florida and prosecutors if they would be available to speak with us this week. they declined saying they would speak after the verdict. we also reached out to trayvon martin's family for interviews and they are also waiting
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)